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See you at the studio!

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

The joy of creation, as corny as it may seem, is real. Creating something makes me feel good, and crazy and even mad sometimes because I try to control the process. How does it make you feel? In our studio, we want to emphasize how much letting go of that control is good for you. Kids already know how to do it, let’s learn from them.

In August, at the Rockwell Park Summer Festival In Bristol, CT, we met a really cool kid and her mom. The surprising part is that they both showed up again, at our booth at the Mum Festival, this past weekend. The cool kid (my name for her) is about 10. She recounted our words back at us (like our pitch lol) and even remembered that we are opening in October. After she made a new splatter in her fav colors, obviously, as she sported the same colors, she walked away and shouted “See You In The Studio!”. The absolute delight of her enjoyment of the art/splatter process and ours, as the spectators to her joy, is immeasurable. We received a gift from her, a new hashtag. #seeyouatthestudio

Thank you, Cool Kid in the purple and lilac shirt! See you in the studio!

-- Marlo

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