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Counting Down...

It is Friday October 6th, one week away from our Grand Opening and Ribbon-Cutting ceremony, one week and one day away from being open to the public. I’m a ball of nerves. I have an endless list of things to do on my mind, and I know the girls are feeling the same because of the shift in our chat thread - over the past few weeks it has gone from sharing of fun ideas and things we “could” do to the now, sometimes frantic, decisions-have-to-be-made, rapid-fire messages and brain dumps.

Despite the crazy we are in right now, Marlo reminds us to slow down and enjoy this moment. We are reaching the culmination of months of hard work. No one really understands everything that goes on behind the scenes of getting a business off the ground, not unless you have been there. I definitely have a newfound respect for all business owners and see that it takes a team to get things done.

Looking through our chat thread, and seeing all the photos that document this journey, it feels humbling to see it all come to fruition through these tiny steps. At times I feel like we are moving forward on faith alone, leaning on each other along the way.

All this is to say, thanks to everyone for the support! We’re very fortunate to have gotten here, through the guidance of trusted individuals, friends, family. We’re excited to open our doors officially and show everyone what we can offer. And we ask for a little grace as we work through the kinks of this new endeavor. There will be bumps along the way but we have each other!

-- Irmie <3

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