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We are open!

We have been officially open to the public for 1 week today. What a week it has been! The nerves, laughter, tears of joy and support we have received from family, friends and new customers has been so uplifting. The ebbs and flow of stepping out in faith truly does change you and I am so happy I stepped out of the boat and decided to join forces with two incredible women, Marlo and Irmie. Together we are “Las Jefas!” (Boss Ladies)

The whirlwind of peaks and valleys on the journey of opening a business has been impactful in so many ways. It’s changed me. Someone once said to me a goal without a plan is only a wish. You see, I have always wished upon a star that one day I would own my own business and that it would be a safe space for the community to explore and express themselves through art, freely. It was not until I met Marlo and Irmie that I realized I am not alone in having this dream. They have both brought so much color into my life and my hope and prayer is that everyone that walks through our doors can experience the same.

Yes, we are open!! Open to the community, open to this magical sisterhood we are building, open to the many creative possibilities that lie before us and open to encouraging you all that you too can create, make art, and be happy! See you at the studio!

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