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500 canvases, 78 bottles of paint, 30 skulls and much, much more!

In my new role, as Co-owner and Chief Operating Officer, here at Creative Jam Art Co., I was reminded of a gentleman, Mr. Eaton at Miss Porter's School with the same title COO. I hope he is happy in retirement. I was new to teaching at Miss Porter's School in the early 2000's, and many things left an impression on me, but specifically Mr. Eaton. If I remember correctly, at the beginning of every year at the faculty and staff meeting, Mr. Eaton would share many details about the business of running the school. And then came the mind blowing part for me, he would rattle off a list of how many nails where used on new construction, gallons of paint, pieces of wood and so on. I never had the chance to ask him if the numbers were real, and as I remember his humor, he would have answered "yes", whether or not it was true.

I will not go through all the numbers like Mr. Eaton did, but here are a few examples for your enjoyment. We bought 40 chairs from The Restore, 2 beautiful couches from a family moving out of the country and our reception desk(aka bar) from a gentleman who was selling his house on Facebook Market place, and 3 workshop tables from an awning business in Canaan, CT. Concerning materials, I have made our second order of paint, consisting of 25 - 1/2 gallon jugs of paint. Just in the last two weeks we have ordered 24 - 3 inch glass ornaments, 24 ceramic chickens and roosters, and 20 wooden nutcrackers, just to count a few of our products.

In our cultivation of Creative Jam art Co., I have had so much fun shopping for our studio, but I am equally concerned about our bottom line. All 3 owners are frugal spenders. We made it a mission to repurpose furniture to furnish our place. All of the furnishings in our art studio, but the stools and storage shelving, is used/recycled and damn, we are proud of ourselves for that accomplishment.

As an artist, speaking for myself only, I love the shear quantity of things. Walking into an art store, materials store, junk yard, yarn store, bead store, or the Restore (Habitat for Humanity Restore in Bloomfield, CT,) and so much more, I become instantly excited and gleeful by quantity, texture, and color. Over the years, I have learned how to control my spending in such wonderful, but lets be honest, crazy-overwhelming situations.

"There is no greater joy than that of new art supplies." -Unknown

This week marks our one month anniversary, cheers to us! We have been learning new things about running a business every, single, day!

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